The importance of lighting design in the workplace

When designing your workplace, lighting is an important consideration that need to put more attention other than the furniture and finishes. Lighting has an important impact on productivity, research shown that good lighting can increase productivity by 10-50 percent and reduce errors by 30-60 percent. Good lighting is also essential to the happiness and health of employees, helping to reduce fatigue, eyestrain, and headaches and making for an overall lively work environment.

- Maximize natural light
One of the perfect ways to improve office lighting is to maximize the amount of natural light that comes into the workplace. Of course, due to the design of your office building, it may be impossible or practical to install more windows. Consider replacing interior walls with glass panels if you have an office remodel coming up.

- Install a lighting control system
You can get the most out of any new lighting feature in terms of its performance and energy saving capabilities by adding a lighting control system into an office remodel. Lighting control system is beneficial to the areas that are not in constant use, such as meeting rooms, corridors and toilets as this will ensure these areas are only lit when in need. It also adds a level of flexibility to lighting that is important in modern offices.

- Lighting suitable for every task
Each area of a modern office requires its own type of lighting to suit the needs of the people working there. Open plan offices can easily become flooded with artificial light that lead to glare from overhead fluorescent lighting and over-illumination, result in wastage of energy consuming and have a negative impact in people's mood and health. Lighting should be layered to prevent over-illumination, so instead of all the light coming from the ceiling, this general lighting is layered with ambient and task lighting, to allow better control of how an individual's workspace is lit.

- Finish Off With Ambient Light
Eye strain is a severe problem, one that happens from intense use of your eyes-like staring at a computer monitor for eight long hours. The harsh light that come from overhead or task lighting can be soften by throwing an ambient light into the mix. You can create a more peaceful atmosphere with ambient lighting as it has a low intensity.