Are you buying the wrong magnetic track ?

The magnetic track-light you purchase may cause you extra cost

#Magnetic track light is one of the lighting trend in Malaysia but there are lots of type in the market and right before you purchase there something you need to know

Are you sure the track you purchase is install #friendly in Malaysia?

As we know most of the magnetic track are #import from China and their construction is a little bit different from here. A wrong version track will causes installation defect that are #difficult to fix . #Choosing a right track that suite #Malaysia is first lesson that owner need to concern.

Problem you facing when you buy a wrong track

- Light fitting is difficult to pull out

- The ceiling crack easily when you pull out

- Faulty track may require removing the entire ceiling.

- Replacing a light fitting can be challenging.

- Difficulty in replacing a switching power supply.

- Installation of a track can be tough due to different construction materials.

Choosing the Right Lighting Track

- Avoid magnetic tracks with ball bearing features.

- Consider avoiding purchasing from the internet.

- Prefer options that offer on-site support.

- Inquire about the warranty policy.

- Try pushing and pulling the light along the track to check stability.

- Research several places before making a purchase.

- Ask a trustworthy supplier if they have experience with magnetic tracks or completed projects using them.

Mini Grid has specially design to fit Malaysia ceiling design , with strong magnetic pull you can change lighting fit freely without #DAMAGE your plaster ceiling . LED driver that fit Malaysia current requirement actually help you saving extra cost for electric bill and easy maintenance as well.