Advantages of magnetic track light

Tired of the same old lighting solutions, why not go for something innovative which is magnetic track lighting. In recent years, magnetic track lighting has been becoming a new trend for commercial and residential space.

But why is it so good that many homeowners and interior designers like to use magnetic track light? Let's dive into the advantages of magnetic track lighting.

1. Variety of Light Sources

Magnetic track lights can be equipped with a variety of lights, including track light, linear light, grid light, adjustable spotlight and so on. The combination of lights can be chosen freely to meet the needs of different spaces, maximize the effect you want.

2. Free Movement and Angle Adjustment

On the magnetic track, the light source can move freely within the length of the track, and can be arranged according to space requirements, and adjust the angle at will. It is convenient for you to adjust the lighting angle according to your needs as it can increase the flexibility of lighting design.

3. Low Voltage Safety

Generally, the magnetic track lights on the market are designed with a low voltage of DC48V. Even if the track is electrified, there is no danger in direct contact with hands.

4. Easy to Maintenance

When repairing, you only need to remove the light directly from the magnetic track, not as troublesome as traditional light source.

5. Exquisite Design

The size of magnetic track is about 27mm deep and 27mm wide. The whole design is exquisite and compact, which is very suitable for residential lighting.