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Jin\'s home exudes a perfect balance between modern and classic design elements. The living room boasts a sleek grey wall with a wood texture frame, a nod to the classic style. The ceiling design incorporates classic touches, and the marble flooring adds a touch of elegance. The dining room exudes a cozy ambiance, with a neutral color scheme and wood texture design on the panels. The lighting is reminiscent of a high-end restaurant, with a great atmosphere that complements the space. The master bedroom is modern, with a striking contrast of various materials. Lighting in the master bedroom is fully dimmable, with bedside controls allowing the client to customize the atmosphere to their liking. Overall, the house is a wonderful example of a cozy, intimate space that can easily be transformed with lighting to set the mood for any occasion.

Residential, Bungalow Landed

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Valencia @ Sungai Buloh

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